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Pajaro Dunes Listings

For all your Real Estate needs give us a call at (831) 728-7433 and we will be happy to show you the many listings available in our area. If you would like to be notified of new listings, email your contact information (please include you email address) to

Pajaro Dunes

Pajaro Dunes Real Estate

The Pajaro Dunes development reflects the sense of privacy and separation inherent in the land itself. Man in cooperation with nature is the architectural spirit here. Inspired by the surroundings, leading American architects have designed homes at the Dunes. Each structure is built to conservation-oriented restrictions, blending into the soft rolling hills and valleys. All utility services are underground, letting the land be the dominant feature. 

The special nature of the terrain is further enhanced by an attempt to minimize automobiles; only one road traverses the length of Pajaro, out of sight of most homes. A fully gated community, entry is restricted to owners and guests; there is no transient traffic. Most travel is by foot or bicycle along the inviting boardwalks that cross the sand between homes and the beach.

Monterey Bay Area

Monterey Bay Area Real Estate

Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties are two of the most geographically fascinating in the country.

From the miles of gorgeous, fine-sand beaches and coves to the towering redwoods and majestic oaks and pines of the Santa Cruz mountains and Big Sur, our area cannot be surpassed for its natural beauty. Add to that the local outdoor activities, shopping possibilities and limitless choice of fine and casual dining, and you have the makings of a home you never want to leave.



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